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International Programs

International Programs are internationally benchmarked programs offering students a unique opportunity to meet national as well as international diploma requirements. M-DCPS has partnered with the world’s premiere international programs to ensure that M-DCPS students are globally competent and prepared for future educational and career choices world-wide. Educators in these highly rigorous and benchmarked programs are trained and certified to ensure students receive the highest quality of globally competitive education.

International Education (IE) Program

The International Education (IE) Program immerses students in a multicultural education that promotes global competence. Most IE programs also emphasize learning a second language. The IE programs prepare students to be informed citizens of an ever-changing global society and economy.

International Studies (IS) Program

The International Studies (IS) Program is an international dual language acquisition program implemented throughout grades K-12 as a collaborative effort with the Ministries of Education of foreign countries, including Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. This collaboration promotes a rigorous international academic program in which students are immersed in a Modern Language as they learn core subjects in the second language, resulting in a curriculum that emphasizes competency in a foreign language, student-centered learning, and global perspective.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is governed by the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The IB Program provides a balanced and rigorous international curriculum from grades K-12 which links the Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, and Community Service, as well as an emphasis on learning a second language. The goal of the IB curriculum is to develop well-rounded, creative, compassionate citizens of a global community.

Cambridge International (CIE) Program

The Cambridge International (CIE) Program is an international curriculum designed and implemented in partnership with England’s renowned University of Cambridge, appealing to academically advanced and motivated students in grades K-12. This engaging, accelerated, academic experience, ensures students are challenged to work at the highest level of international standards in Math, Science, English, and Language Arts.

AP Capstone Program

The AP Capstone Program, designed and monitored by College Board, prepares high achieving high school students for success in college through a rigorous and innovative program that equips students with independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills, which are increasingly valued by colleges and employers world-wide. AP Capstone candidates study topics of global relevance from an interdisciplinary perspective, making connections between these topics and their AP subjects.

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