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Specialized public school programs offering unique thematic strands of study that focus on students’ special interests, talents, and abilities for all grade levels.

When it comes to educational opportunity, MiamiDade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is the most innovative and progressive school district in the country, offering parents and students the option to choose from hundreds of Magnet programs in over 100 public schools throughout Miami-Dade county. M-DCPS Magnet programs ensure that all students have the opportunity to experience the highest quality education, which will build on their personal and educational interests, strengths, and skills while encouraging academic excellence. Through M-DCPS Magnet programs, students prepare to thrive and excel in post-secondary education and in the work place.

There is no doubt that the Magnet program option is the best choice – year after year, M-DCPS boasts more National Magnet Merit Awards from Magnet Schools of America than any other school district in the country.

Themes of Study


  • High quality education options in grades Pre-K through 12
  • Innovative public school programs
  • High-interest, thematic educational programs focusing on students’ interests and abilities
  • In-depth study of thematic topics
  • Innovative curriculum designed to prepare students for higher education and eventual career success
  • Improved academic achievement
  • Increased cultural competence
  • Higher attendance rates
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Community and industry partnerships promote and support theme-based, authentic educational environments

General FAQ

Why should my child attend a Magnet program?

Magnet programs offer an enhanced educational opportunity for all interested students in grades K – 12, through specialized high-interest programs. Four different Magnet themes provide a wide range of educational options designed to meet a variety of student interests. The goals of Magnet programs are to provide an excellent educational opportunity for students through a stimulating and motivating interactive curriculum and to facilitate multicultural collaboration and cooperation.

Is there still going to be an Off Cycle Magnet Application Period?

Yes. We are still scheduled and planning on opening up the Off Cycle Magnet Application period after all regular cycle applicants have been placed. More information will be forth coming and announcements will be made on social media. Be sure to follow us at @miamimagnets

How are students selected for a Magnet program?

Students interested in attending a Magnet program must complete and submit a Magnet application. When the number of eligible applications exceeds the number of seats available in a school Magnet program, a computerized random selection (lottery) process is used for student admission. Eligible students who submit an application by the deadline will qualify for participation in the lottery.

Is transportation provided to Magnet programs?

According to School Board guidelines, transportation availability is limited and may not be available to all students. The Magnet lead teacher or Magnet secretary at each school can assist you in determining if your child/children are eligible for transportation.

How many Magnet programs can my child apply to?

Each child is encouraged to apply to up to five (5) Magnet programs at five different schools. Each child may only apply to one Magnet program per school.

If we applied at more than one Magnet school, can my child be selected to attend more than one school?

Yes. You may be selected to multiple schools during the random selection process. It will then be your choice which school you choose for your child to attend.

If my child doesn’t like the Magnet program, can I transfer him to a different Magnet program at another school?

No. Once you have agreed to attend a Magnet program, the only school you may choose to transfer your child to is your official home school of record.

Students wishing to change Magnet programs or schools must re-apply, qualify, and be offered placement for the new Magnet program during the regular Magnet application cycle.

Will my child get transportation if selected?

It depends on where you live and the transportation available for the specific school. You must contact the individual school directly to find out if transportation is available for you.

If transportation is not provided can I transfer my child to a closer Magnet school?

No. It is VERY important that you contact the individual schools to see whether transportation is available from your neighborhood to the selected school PRIOR to applying to the school.

Who do I contact if I have a problem applying?

If your problem is system–related (online application issues), or specifically related to the actual application, you will need to contact 305-995-1922. If your question is related to a specific school program or school, you need to contact the individual school.

School Board Policy

2370, Magnet Programs/Schools

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