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Parent Choice Programs

Miami-Dade County Public Schools continues to strive to offer flexibility and variety in school choice by providing specialized non-Magnet Programs that give parents and students exceptional additional options in their educational decisions. Choice Programs offer a broad variety of specialty programs from grades K – 12 at a variety of schools throughout the district.

Parent Choice programs are different from Magnet programs in that Parent Choice programs are designed for and first offered to students who are assigned to the school site boundary. Once boundary students are placed, any open seats are then made available to out-of-boundary students through the Region transfer process.

Parent Choice programs are thematic, curriculum-based programs offered at all grade levels and implemented during the regular school day; after school programs are not delineated as part of the Parent Choice options. Please note that transportation is not routinely provided for Parent Choice programs, therefore parents may need to make provisions for transporting their student(s) to these schools and programs should a transfer be granted by the appropriate Region.

Program Search

How to Apply for Parent Choice Programs

Follow the Parent Choice Transfer Procedures Below:
  • Search for any programs of interest for you and your child.
  • Contact the specific school to check if there is space available in the program that you are interested in for your child.
  • If there is program space available:
    • Complete the Parent Choice Transfer Form
    • Bring the completed form to the child’s current/home-school for school administrators to sign.
    • At the school site, the parent/guardian will be advised of the Region Office that will process and finalize the request.
    • Additional questions about Parent Choice Transfers can be answered by the current/home-school Region Office.

More information about Parent Choice-Student Transfer can be found at M-DCPS Federal and State Compliance Office Website.

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