General Magnet Questions

Magnet programs offer exceptional educational opportunities, without the boundary restrictions of traditional schools, to experience high-quality education through specialized programs which focus on student interests, talents, and abilities. For admission to a Magnet program, students must complete the application process open from October 1st through January 15th. Choice programs are different from Magnet programs in that Choice programs are designed for and first offered to students who are assigned to the school site boundary. Once boundary students are placed, any open seats are then made available to out-of-boundary students through the Region transfer process.
Students who are currently enrolled in a Magnet school do not have to re-apply unless they want to change schools or programs.
Yes. All Magnet programs require all students to apply for placement. Magnet programs/schools do not adhere to boundary restrictions.
Magnet programs offer an enhanced educational opportunity for all interested students in grades K – 12, through specialized high-interest programs. Four different Magnet themes provide a wide range of educational options designed to meet a variety of student interests. The goals of Magnet programs are to provide an excellent educational opportunity for students through a stimulating and motivating interactive curriculum and to facilitate multicultural collaboration and cooperation.
In all schools, except the Visual Performing Arts (VPA) Magnet schools, the selection process is done by a random selection of the eligible applicants. VPA Magnet schools require auditions and students are selected as a result of their auditions. Selection into a Visual & Performing Arts Audition-Based program requires that students audition for the program in addition to completing the application process.
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