Apple™ Coding

New for the 2023-2024 school year, Miami-Dade County Public Schools Magnet Schools will offer the Apple™ Coding Magnet program that will introduce students to the same programming used by professional developers to build some of the world’s most powerful applications. Students in grades 6 through 8 in three schools across Miami-Dade will have the opportunity to learn, prototype, and share their ingenuity as they are introduced to the world of coding.

Featured Schools

Lake Stevens Middle School

Lake Stevens Middle School joins the over 100 Magnet Schools throughout the District with its first Magnet Program offering Apple Coding to students in grades 6-8

West Miami Middle School

West Miami Middle School expands its portfolio of current Magnet Programs – Marine & Environmental Science/Ecology/Technology – to include Apple Coding

Hammocks Middle School

Currently offering a Pre-Law Magnet Program, Hammocks Middle will be offering Apple Coding for the 2023-2024 school year.

Transformative Learning Experience

Students in the Apple™ Coding Magnet Program will be immersed in the world of coding and computer science, gaining essential skills and knowledge that will set them apart in any career path. Our program utilizes the Develop in Swift curriculum, created by Apple™, giving middle school students a head start with the same programming language top developers use.

Develop in SWIFT Curriculum

The Develop in Swift curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in coding principles, app development, and problem-solving skills. It introduces students to key computing concepts while building a solid foundation in programming with the Swift programming language. Through this program, students will also learn about the impact of computing and apps on society, economies, and cultures while exploring iOS app development. By participating in the Apple™ Coding Magnet program, students will also master the core concepts and practices that programmers use daily and build an essential fluency in Xcode source and UI editors to create iOS apps that adhere to standard practices. Our state-of-the-art coding labs are equipped with the latest Mac computers and Apple development tools to provide students with an immersive coding environment that will prepare students for college or a career in app development.

Project-Based Learning

Through a project-based learning approach, Apple™ Coding Magnet students will embark on an exciting journey of discovery, creativity, and problem-solving, laying the foundation for future success. Project-based learning encourages students to unleash their creativity and explore innovative solutions. They will tackle coding projects that have real-world applications, making their learning experience practical and relevant. They will engage in hands-on activities that mirror the challenges faced by professional developers, giving them a taste of the coding world outside the classroom. Students will develop their own projects, ranging from mobile apps to interactive websites, and present them to their peers, teachers, and even industry professionals, reinforcing their learning and building their confidence, public speaking abilities, and pride in their accomplishments.

Prepare for a Bright Future!

By joining the Apple™ Coding Magnet Program, students develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity—essential for success in any field. This program equips them with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to navigate the digital landscape, pursue their dreams, and make an impact in our increasingly technology-driven world.


In today’s digital age, coding has emerged as an essential life skill with wide-ranging significance. The rapid advancement of technology and its integration into various aspects of our lives have made coding a fundamental literacy for individuals of all ages, not just for aspiring software developers.


Unlock your child’s potential and embark on a journey of exploration, innovation, and endless possibilities at Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Apply now and empower your child to become the creators, innovators, and problem solvers of tomorrow!

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