Miami-Dade County Public Schools is proud to announce its newest Magnet Program offerings. Below is a list of schools which are now accepting applications for the 2016/2017 school year. The schools have been listed in order of grade level. Please contact the individual schools for more information on each of the new programs. Be sure to submit applications to the school site of interest prior to the deadline.


Charles R. Drew K-8 Center

Theatre and Visual Arts: The addition of the Theatre and Visual Arts strands will add depth and opportunity to the growing Visual and Performing Arts Programs at Charles R. Drew K – 8 Center for Modern Arts.  Dramatic and Visual Arts talent is nurtured and honed through an immersed arts Magnet program and a rigorous curriculum, to prepare students for a future in Theatre or Visual Arts and for post-secondary education.



Linda Lentin K-8 Center

STEM: Robotics: The new STEM: Robotics Magnet at Linda Lentin K-8 Center has been created with an emphasis on advanced academics in Science, Mathematics and English. This Magnet program will provide students with opportunities to create technological systems, including designing, building, and programming robots that solve real-world
problems and challenges.



Country Club Middle

Biomedical: The Biomedical Magnet is designed to encourage students to explore career paths within the medical and healthcare fields. A comprehensive instructional curriculum promotes critical thinking, and research-based learning that prepare students to continue this theme of study at American High School and will lead to entry-level healthcare careers or further study in college.

Forensic Science: The Forensic Science Magnet at Country Club Middle School will offer students the opportunity to explore the exciting field of forensic science through hands-on experiences and inquiry-based learning, as they relate to the application of scientific studies and physical evidence. This new Magnet program will bring together different modalities of forensic  investigation and examine career pathways that incorporate scientific inquiry through observation, collection and classification of data, examining relationships, forming and testing hypotheses, and making conclusions. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to continue this theme of study at Barbara Goleman Senior High School.



Horace Mann Middle

Music/Entertainment Technology: The redesigned Music/Entertainment Technology Magnet program will expand the focus of current curriculum offerings exploring and developing skills in Music/Entertainment Technology. This Arts Technology strand will provide students with the opportunity to build foundational skills and technical knowledge that evolve around careers and professions related to the music production industry. This strand will be directly aligned with the new Entertainment Technology (Music/Sound Design and Engineering) strand at William H. Turner Technical High School.

STEM: Coding: The STEM: Coding Magnet builds upon recent successful local coding initiatives, offering students the opportunity to focus on coding skills through participating in exciting hands-on, high-tech projects and activities. The program includes an introduction to the world of coding that will enable them to create their own individualized projects. The STEM: Coding Magnet will provide progressive learning opportunities through several feeder patterns into STEM-related career academies in targeted senior high schools.



Norland Middle

Performing Arts – Music: Through a partnership with the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundations, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has reinvigorated the Music Magnet program at Norland Middle. The Foundation’s commitment to Music education ensures the students will continue to nurture their musical talents with new instruments and high quality instruction.



Ruben Dario Middle

Medical Health Sciences: The Medical Health Sciences Magnet aims to introduce students to a variety of healthcare professions through research-based learning. Students receive comprehensive instruction to prepare them for continued study in high school and for entry-level healthcare careers or further study in college. The Medical Health Sciences Magnet will include partnerships with health care professionals, mentors, and guest speakers to motivate and encourage students.



John A. Ferguson Senior High

Fine Arts and Design, Architecture/ Interior Design, Entertainment Technology/ Broadcast/ Film, and Photography
The Fine Arts and Design Magnet strand will use high impact visual arts strategies and techniques to enable students to develop advanced perceptual, observational, and compositional skills necessary to communicate a range of subject matter, symbols, ideas, and concepts using knowledge of drawing media, processes, and techniques in both 2D and 3D art production.

The Architecture and Interior Design Magnet strand students will work with state of the art processes to develop knowledge of drafting skills in preparing architectural, civil and electrical drawings and in computer aided design (CAD). Students pursuing a focus on Interior Design will develop competencies in the area of interior design services including components of the design process, environmental and ergonomic factors on design, and in-depth study of kitchen and bath planning

The Entertainment Technology/Broadcast/Film Magnet strand encompasses real world Arts Technology skills and knowledge needed to cultivate a strong foundation for a career in the entertainment industry, providing students with an engaging, in-depth study of practical business and production practices with an emphasis on developing transferable skills and understanding of the technology, equipment, and processes of this industry.

The Photography Magnet strand includes the study of photojournalism, commercial, and fine art photography. Students will focus on digital photography, as well as camera handling, aperture and shutter speeds, lighting, studio shooting, and digital imaging.



Miami Coral Park Senior High

Biomedical: The new Biomedical Magnet will provide students with a strong academic foundation and appreciation for understanding developments in the rapidly advancing biomedical fields of medicine and biotechnology. Students receive comprehensive instruction to prepare them for entry-level healthcare careers or a college path towards a variety of health care professions.  The Biomedical Magnet will include opportunities for internships in order to enhance students’ skills and prepare students for the transition into the workplace.



Miami Norland Senior High

Sports Medicine and Sports Management: The Sports Medicine and Sports Management Academy Magnet program has been developing and evolving since an initial soft launch in 2013. Initially, a Sports Medicine Magnet, the Sports Management focus
was created to broaden the scope of the program. The Sports Medicine and Sports Management Academy Magnet enjoys a strong partnership with the Miami Dolphins organization, which is actively involved on various levels, including facility and programmatic design and implementation. Additional partnerships are being developed to support a post-secondary alignment to prepare students for college and career opportunities in Sports Medicine, Sports Management, and related fields.



Miami Sunset Senior High

Cybersecurity: The Cybersecurity Magnet at Miami Sunset Senior High School will introduce students to foundational knowledge and skills in computer and network security, security vulnerabilities, attack mechanisms and techniques, intrusion detection and prevention, cryptographic systems, system hardening, risk identification, incidence response, penetration testing, key management, access control, and recovery.  Students will be required to complete specialized courses focused on database security, planning and analysis, software, and web security. Hands-on learning will be infused throughout the four years of the program starting with career awareness, career exploration and culminating with an internship during the summer after junior year.



William H. Turner Technical Arts High

Entertainment Technology Academy: The Entertainment Technology Academy Magnet at William H. Turner Technical Arts High School will expand the curriculum offerings to include a focus on Music/Sound Design and Engineering. This academy strand provides students with the opportunity to develop and refine skills and technical knowledge that evolve around careers and professions related to the music production industry.



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