Intra District School Transfers Overview

Through local initiatives and state and federal mandates, Miami-Dade County Public Schools provides educational choice options to families who reside in Miami-Dade County. Controlled Choice, No Child Left Behind, and the Opportunity Scholarship Program offer parents the opportunity to select an alternative school assignment for their children by means of inter district student transfers.


Opportunity Scholarship Program Overview

On June, 21 1999, the A+ Education Plan to Improve Public Schools, commonly referred to as the A+ Plan, was signed into law. The A+ Plan provides additional funding and delineates expectations designed to transform all of Florida’s public schools into centers of excellence. This comprehensive plan addresses three major components:

1. improving schools and accountability measures;

2. raising standards and improving teacher training programs; and

3. improving school safety and reducing truancy.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program reflects Florida’s commitment to higher standards in education for Florida students. The Opportunity Scholarship Program allows parents whose children are attending a school which has been assigned a grade of “D” or “F” and is in one of the two lowest performing categories, persuant to S.1008.33, to choose a “C” or higher performing public school that has space available. The student’s attendance must have occurred during the school year in which such designation was in effect; or the student has been in attendance elsewhere in the public school system and has been assigned to such a school for the next school year.



List of OSP Participating Schools

OSP Transfer Application

Opportunity Scholarship Implementation Plan

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