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COVID-19: Magnet Application-Related Questions


Where is my Magnet Application Notification? The release of all Magnet notifications have been moved due to the school closures and other logistical challenges presented by COVID-19. Notifications will resume to be released by email or postal mail on or by March 30. Please visit for information on how to accept your Magnet program placement.

What is the revised Magnet Application Notification process? School Choice & Parental Options has had to revise the Magnet Notification acceptance process. For a full list of instructions please visit

How will I know if my acceptance is properly recorded? If you accept through the online application system, you will be sent an email verifying your acceptance. The school you accepted will get records of your acceptance and your seat will be available to your child(ren). You must then proceed to register at the school (once schools are cleared to reopen). If you received a postal letter stating your acceptance, you may call 305-995-HELP to accept your seat over the phone. M-DCPS staff will electronically accept your seat on your behalf. Please be prepared to verify the child and parent/legal guardian information. You must then proceed to register at the school (once schools are cleared to reopen).  Please visit for information.

COVID-19 School Closures; How do I register at my school? Schools have been mandated to close until further notice. When the orders have been given to open schools, you may register at the school of your choice for the upcoming school year. Any other specific questions may be addressed to the temporary COVID-19 help desk at 305-995-HELP. Please note, there are long wait times and the help desk is only open 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

What will happen to Magnet applications for the 2020-2021 school year? Notifications began on Monday, March 30. Parents/guardians had until April 15th to accept offers of admission. If parents/legal guardians applied online or with a paper application, and provided a valid email address, they should have received an e-mail notification to accept their seat online on or before April 15th. If parents/legal guardians applied with a paper application and did not provide a valid email address, they should have received the notification via US mail and should have accepted their seat by calling the HELP desk at 305-995-HELP on or before April 15th. If parents/legal guardians have questions regarding the Magnet acceptance process, they can call the M-DCPS help desk at 305-995-HELP.

Is there still going to be an Off Cycle Magnet Application Period despite COVID-19? Yes. We are still scheduled and planning on opening up the Off Cycle Magnet Application period after all regular cycle applicants have been placed. There will be a delay in opening up the Off Cycle Magnet Application period. More information will be forth coming and announcements will be made on social media. Be sure to follow us at @miamimagnets


Acceptance Deadline Questions

What is the deadline for accepting a Magnet Program? Parents/legal guardians have 2 weeks to accept their child(ren)’s seat. First round notifications announce on March 30. If you received your notification by email or postal mail on March 30, you will have until April 15th to accept your seat. Please visit for information. 

Application Process Questions


What is the fastest way to apply? Online. Not only is your application instantly processed, but you can print a copy of your selections for your records.

Why should my child attend a Magnet program? Magnet programs offer an enhanced educational opportunity for all interested students in grades K – 12, through specialized high-interest programs. Four different Magnet themes provide a wide range of educational options designed to meet a variety of student interests. The goals of Magnet programs are to provide an excellent educational opportunity for students through a stimulating and motivating interactive curriculum, and to facilitate multicultural collaboration and cooperation.

The Magnet school of my choice is in my current school attendance boundary; do I have to apply? Yes. All Magnet programs require all students to apply for placement. Magnet programs/schools do not adhere to boundary restrictions.

Once my child is in a Magnet school, do I have to apply each year? Students who are currently enrolled in a Magnet school do not have to re-apply unless they want to change schools or programs.

How does the application process work? In all schools, except the Visual Performing Arts (VPA) Magnet schools, the selection process is done by a random selection of the eligible applicants. VPA Magnet schools require auditions and students are selected as a result of their auditions.

Selection into a Visual & Performing Arts Audition-Based program requires that students audition for the program in addition to completing the application process.

How can I be sure that my online application was received? Will I get a confirmation number? You are offered the option to print your selections when you submit an application online. Printed applications submitted through the postal mail do not get a confirmation or receipt.

Will all my choice schools know I’m applying to other schools? No. Each school only sees the portion of the application that applies to their school.

What if I want to appeal a change of strand? Or select a different school? All selections are final. No change of strands or change of selected schools will be accepted, so it is important to make your selections carefully before submitting your application online or in printed form.

What is the difference between Magnet and Choice programs? Magnet programs offer exceptional educational opportunities, without the boundary restrictions of traditional schools, to experience high quality education through specialized programs which focus on student interests, talents, and abilities. For admission to a Magnet program, students must complete the application process open from October 1st through January 15th. Choice programs are different from Magnet programs in that Choice programs are designed for and first offered to students who are assigned to the school site boundary. Once boundary students are placed, any open seats are then made available to out-of-boundary students through the Region transfer process.

Are students selected on first-come, first-served basis? No. The selection process is a computerized random selection process and occurs after the application deadline period. Except for visual and performing arts programs that require an audition.

What is a definition of a sibling? A sibling is a biological, adopted, foster, half or step brother/sister who shares the same parent/legal guardian and lives at the same address as a student that is currently attending the Magnet school for which you are applying, and will continue to attend the same Magnet school for the following school year.

I have twins, both applying to the same school. One was for the VPA Dance program and the other for the business program. I opt to link my twins but one got accepted to the Dance program and the other is on the wait list. Why did they not both get accepted? First multiple birth children (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) Must meet eligibility. Second you need to make sure in the application that you opt in to link the twins and enter the correct information. In your case linking children within multiple birth units does not apply to Visual & Performing Arts audition-based programs. This rule only applies to random selection programs.

How are students selected for a Magnet program? Students interested in attending a Magnet program must complete and submit a Magnet application. When the number of eligible applications exceeds the number of seats available in a school Magnet program, a computerized random selection (lottery) process is used for student admission. Eligible students who submit an application by the deadline will qualify for participation in the lottery.

Is transportation provided to Magnet programs? According to School Board guidelines, transportation availability is limited and may not be available to all students. The Magnet lead teacher or Magnet secretary at each school can assist you in determining if your child/children are eligible for transportation.

How many Magnet programs can my child apply to? Each child is encouraged to apply to up to five (5) Magnet programs at five different schools. Each child may only apply to one Magnet program per school.


Changing Magnet School/Program Questions

If we applied at more than one Magnet school, can my child be selected to attend more than one school? Yes. You may be selected to multiple schools during the random selection process. It will then be your choice which school you choose for your child to attend.

If my child doesn’t like the Magnet program, can I transfer him to a different Magnet program at another school? No. Once you have agreed to attend a Magnet program, the only school you may choose to transfer your child to, is your official home school of record.

Is it possible for my child to transfer from one Magnet program to another Magnet program? No. Students may not transfer from one Magnet program to another. Students wishing to change Magnet programs or schools must re-apply, qualify, and be offered placement for the new Magnet program during the regular Magnet application cycle.

Deadline Questions

What is the deadline for applying and completing the individual school requirements? January 15. Any application received after that date will not be accepted. In addition, if you fail to complete individual school requirements by the January 15 deadline, your application will be voided.

Requirement Questions

Are there other requirements to apply? Yes, individual schools have different requirements, such as recommendations, specific subjects students must have completed prior to applying, auditions, interviews, or minimum grades. It is your responsibility to contact the school as soon as you apply to request each school’s requirements. PLEASE NOTE: The schools will NOT contact you; you must contact them, as they do not have the resources to contact each applicant.

Where do I send the individual school requirements? All individual school requirements MUST be sent directly to the school. Items attached to the application mailed to the district Magnet School office will be discarded.

Selection Process

Are there any exceptions to the random selection process? Per Board Policy 2370, the following priorities are applied in the random selection process: 1) students of active duty military families who have provided proof to individual schools they are applying to 2) younger siblings of students currently attending the school they applied to and if they will be in attendance for a minimum of one concurrent year. Please note that in order for these priorities to be applied in the selection process, students must apply and meet all entrance requirements by the application deadline of January 15.

When will I be notified that my child was accepted into the Magnet program I applied to? Parents are notified of the results of the random selection process on or about March 15. If you have any questions on the results, you must contact the individual schools directly.

How will I be notified that my child was chosen in the random selection? Each school notifies parents of the results of the random selection process, or audition results (Visual Performing Arts Magnet Schools) with a letter sent via U.S. Mail. Letters are mailed to the official residence listed on your child’s records for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. If you have any questions, you must contact the schools directly for information. PLEASE NOTE: The district Magnet School office cannot answer any questions regarding individual school programs or random selection results. The district Magnet School office only serves as the application processing center.


Will my child get transportation if selected? It depends on where you live and the transportation available for the specific school. You must contact the individual school directly to find out if transportation is available for you.

If transportation is not provided can I transfer my child to a closer Magnet school? No. It is VERY important that you contact the individual schools to see whether transportation is available from your neighborhood to the selected school PRIOR to applying to the school.

Trouble Shooting Issues

Who do I contact if I have a problem applying? If your problem is system–related (online application issues), or specifically related to the actual application, you will need to contact 305-995-1922. If your question is related to a specific school program or school, you need to contact the individual school.

If there is a change of address during the application process do I have to apply again? No, however any correspondence sent to you will only go to the official residence listed on your child’s records for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Any address changes you note on the application cannot be placed into effect from the district office. They can only be made at your child’s present school.


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