Magnet Application Results Information


At this point you should have received a letter and/or e-mail stating the lottery/audition results for your child(ren).  The letters may take a few days in the mail but if you have not received any form of notification by Monday, March 19, 2018, please contact the schools directly.

Click here to download our Magnet Schools directory listing.


If Accepted:
Log back into the Magnet application system to accept your chosen school. Please note, once a school/program is selected, the other schools to which the student was accepted will be automatically declined. Once declined, a school/program will no longer be available for selection. Students will remain on the random selection list for the schools to which they are currently wait-listed.

If Important Notes for Accepted Students:

  • After accepting the seat on-line, parents must contact the accepted school directly for registration/enrollment deadlines and individual school forms and/or information.
  • Failure to comply with school/program requirements in a timely manner could result in forfeiting your seat.
  • Acceptance is provisional and contingent on meeting and maintaining entrance eligibility requirements for the remainder of the current school year.
  • Parents must accept by the deadline date of April 6th, 2018 or the seat will be forfeited and go to the next student on the waiting list.
  • Accepted students must be enrolled as full-time students in the accepted Magnet school/program.
  • Parents must contact schools directly to inquire about transportation availability.

If Wait Listed:
Students will be selected from the random selection wait-list as seats become available, and will be notified electronically. Placement status is also available by contacting the school(s) directly or checking your account in the Magnet Application System. You may change acceptance to a preferred program only if your child’s status changes from Wait-Listed to Accepted. The wait-lists for schools may change daily from now until December 31, 2018.

If Not Accepted:
The student did not meet entrance requirements. Any inquiries must be made directly to the individual school(s).

Not Accepted result(s) may include Visual & Performing Arts students who were not selected or did not schedule or attend an audition. Parents were responsible to contact school(s) for auditions.

How to Accept your Seat


If you submitted a paper application and do not have log in credentials, you must visit the school to which to wish to accept in person. Only Parent/Legal Guardian(s) with a valid ID can accept a seat at the selected school.

If your child received an acceptance and you wish to accept the seat, you may do so online or by visiting the school directly. In order to accept online, you must log into the Magnet Online Application system the same way you used to apply (Parent Portal or Directly to site) by using the following link

Once you log in, you may view the results for all Magnet schools applied to at the bottom of the Dashboard screen.

You will see an option to Accept or Decline the Magnet programs for which your child was accepted to. Any option you chose is final and cannot be undone. Once you have selected a school, you must contact the school to complete the enrolment process.  Failure to complete the registration process within the school’s timeline will forfeit the seat.



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